Rating System

6 Star
Pro Level and Top Level College-Skills, Tools, Ability, and/or Projection

Plus Player with upper level college ability and elite skills to be a top level college prospect with strong professional draft consideration.

This website is devoted to assisting top athletes gain attention to their accomplishments and expose them to venues that will help their recruitment. Our list are not exclusive or complete and will be updated periodically as new players are brought to our attention throughout the year. Our evaluations and ratings are not based upon all-state selections, high school statistics and/or any other well deserving awards that many high school players receive each year, but are based upon tools seen in the player. The rankings are not skewed with regional, ethnic or any other type bias, but are the honest assessment of professionals with a long track record of accurate evaluation of players in the past.

Any high school coach, summer league coach, college coach and/or professional scout is welcomed to submit names for these lists. While we welcome input the assessments, ratings and player evaluations will be based upon our views.

5 Star
Strong College Level Prospect with Fringe Pro Projection

Excellent prospect with advanced skills to play at the upper college level with draft potential.

4 Star
College Level Prospect

Well Above average high school player showing advanced skills for peer group and showing ability/talent/skills/ and projection to play at the college level.

3 Star
Above Average High School Player

Above average high school player with developing ability/talent/skills that with continued work could develop into next level potential.

2 Star
Average High School Player

Typical high school player with age specific skills that fit into the varsity level in high school.

1 Star
Average High School Junior Varsity Player

Average player with age specific skills that fit into the junior varsity level in high school.